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Below is a list of the articles that Binseng Wang published since 1989 (for publications prior to 1989, mostly in Portuguese, please click here), in reverse chronological order.   

Published Articles

bulletB. Wang, R. W. Eliason, & S. C. Vanderzee, Global Failure Rate: A promising medical equipment management outcome benchmark, J. Clin. Eng., July-Sept. 2006, 31:145-151
bulletB. Wang, E. Furst, T. Cohen, O.R. Keil, M. Ridgway, R. Stiefel, Medical Equipment Management Strategies, Biomed Instrum & Techn., May/June 2006, 40:233-237 B. Wang, Fennigkoh and Smith Model for Inclusion Criteria: 15-Year Retrospective. Interview with Larry Fennigkoh , J. Clin. Eng., 31:26-30
bulletB. Wang, Financial Management of Clinical Engineering Services, in Handbook of Clinical Eng., J.F. Dyro (ed.), Elsevier-CRC Publisher, NY, 2004
bulletB. Wang & A. Levenson, How Do You Define Life Support Equipment?, 24x7 magazine, Feb. 2004
bulletB. Wang & A. Levenson, Are You Ready? [for JCAHO's New Elements of Performance], 24x7 magazine, Jan. 2004 (link)
bulletB. Wang, "Wang Responds" in "JCE Roundtable: Debating the medical device preventive maintenance dilemma and what is the safest and most cost-effective remedy," T. Baker (ed.), J. Clin. Eng., 28:183-190, 2003
bulletB. Wang, How Can We Attain Licensure?, 24x7 magazine, July 2003 (link)
bulletB. Wang, Are You Licensed?, 24x7 magazine, June 2003 (link)
bulletB. Wang & W.P. Rice, JCAHO’s Equipment Inclusion Criteria Revisited —Application of Statistical Sampling Technique, J. Clin. Eng., 28:36-47, 2003
bulletB. Wang, Review of "Practical Steps for Developing Health Care Technology Policy" by C. Temple-Bird, IEEE Eng. Med. Biol. Mag., 21:161-162, Nov-Dec 2002
bulletB. Wang, How do you define quality?, 24x7 magazine, Dec 2002 (copy)
bulletB. Wang, Nix it of Phix it: It's a Question of Value, 24x7 magazine, September 2002 (link)
bulletB. Wang, E.B. Sloane & B. Patel, Quality Management for a Nationwide Fleet of Rental Biomedical Equipment, J. Clin. Eng., 26:253-269, 2001
bulletB. Wang, ISO 9000 is a Better Alternative for Servicers and Remarketers, 24x7 magazine, Dec 2000 (pdf version)
bulletB. Wang, Don't Waste Your Time Trying to Reduce Medical Errors, 24x7 magazine, Jul/Aug 2000 (pdf version)
bulletB. Wang, Reality versus Perception, Y2k in Retrospect, J. Clin. Eng., Mar/Apr 2000 
bulletB. Wang, Did Y2k Help You and The Profession?, J. Clin. Eng., May/Jun 2000
bulletB. Wang & A. Levenson, Equipment inclusion criteria: A new interpretation of JCAHO's medical equipment management standard, J. Clin. Eng., 25(1):26-35, Jan/Feb 2000.  The model proposed in this paper has been implemented at two hospital systems:
bulletUniversity Health Network, Toronto - Canada (Brewin, Leung & Easty, Effectively utilizing device maintenance data to optimize a medical device maintenance program, Biomed Instr Tech, 35:383-390, 2001)
bulletBaystate Medical Center, Hartford CT (S.M. Yoshikawa, Analysis of the implications of technology delay in an healthcare organization, M.Sc. Thesis, Univ. of Connecticut, 2001)
bulletB. Wang, What is the Purpose of CE Certification? J. Clin. Eng., Sept-Oct 99 
bulletB. Wang, Y2k-Safe Proposal for Managing Medical Equipment, J. Clin. Eng. July-Aug 99 
bulletB. Wang, An Open Letter to Healthcare Professionals, 24x7 Magazine, Oct-98 (pdf version)
bulletB. Wang, Year 2000 Testing Concerns, J. Clin. Eng., July-Aug 98 
bulletB. Wang, Outsourcing: Be sure you're getting your money's worth, Health Techn. Mgmt, May-98 (pdf version)
bulletB. Wang, How Would You Like to be Regulated? Health Techn. Mgmt, Jun-97 (pdf version)
bulletB. Wang, Is Outsourcing not Saving You Much?, Health Techn. Mgmt, Mar-97 (pdf version)
bulletB. Wang, Which Service Organization Should You Work For?, 24x7 Magazine, Nov-96 (pdf version)
bulletE. Wasserman, B. Wang, T.A. Zeffiro, N. Sadato, A. Pascual-Leone, C. Toro & M. Hallett, Locating the motor cortex on the MRI with transcranial magnetic stimulation and PET, Neuroimage, 3:1-9, 1996
bulletB. Wang, The Facts on Used Equipment Export, Biomed. Techn. Mgmt., p. 64, May/June 1995 (pdf version)
bulletB. Wang, Chapter 30 - Developments in Brazil and other major Latin American countries, in Medical Devices - International Perspectives on Health and Safety, C.W.D. van Gruting (ed.), Elsevier Science, Amsterdam, 1994
bulletB. Wang, Head surface digitization and registration: A method for mapping positions on the head onto magnetic resonance images, Brain Topogr., 6:185-192, 1994
bulletT. Nagamine, C. Toro, M. Balish, G. Deuschl, B. Wang, S. Sato, H. Shibasaki & M. Hallett, Cortical magnetic and electric fields associated with voluntary finger movements, Brain Topogr., 6:175-183, 1994
bulletC. Toro, B. Wang, T.A. Zeffiro, R.W. Thatcher & M. Hallett, Movement-Related Cortical Potentials: Source Analysis and PET/MRI Correlation, in Functional Neuroimaging - Technical Foundations, R.W. Thatcher, M. Hallet, T. Zeffiro, E.R. John & M. Huerta (eds.), Academic Press, New York, pp. 251-257, 1994
bulletB. Wang, C. Toro, E. Wasserman, T.A. Zeffiro, R.W. Thatcher & M. Hallett, Multimodel Integration of Electrophysiological Data and Brain Images: EEG, MEG, TMS, MRI, and PET, in Functional Neuroimaging - Technical Foundations, R.W. Thatcher, M. Hallet, T. Zeffiro, E.R. John & M. Huerta (eds.), Academic Press, New York, pp. 251-257, 1994
bulletB. Wang & S.J. Calil, Clinical Engineering in Brasil: Current Status, J. Clin. Engng., 16(2):129-135, 1991 (pdf version)
bulletB. Wang, Clinical engineering & equipment policy for Sao Paulo State, Brazil, J. Clin. Engng., 15(4): 287-293, 1990 (pdf version)
bulletB. Wang, An integrated approach, in "The right equipment... in working order" Round Table - Discussion. World Health Forum, 10: 25-27, 1989 (pdf version)

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