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Please find below a list of presentations that Binseng Wang will make and made in different parts of the world, mostly since 1988, in reverse chronological order. 

bulletAttributes Sampling Applied to Clinical Equipment Inspections, ACCE Teleconference, Dec. 18, 2003
bulletFuture of Clinical Engineering in Industry: A Rental Company’s Perspective, World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering - WC 2003, Sydney - Australia, August 24-29, 2003 (presented by Jim Wear)

Attributes Sampling Applied to Medical Equipment Inspections, World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering - WC 2003, Sydney - Australia, August 24-29, 2003 (presented by Jim Wear)

bulletStatistical Sampling Applied to Clinical Equipment Inspections - attributes sampling, AAMI Conf. & Expo 2003, Long Beach CA, June14-17, 2003
bulletAcquisition Strategies for Medical Technology, International Forum for Promoting Safe and Affordable Medical Technologies in Developing Countries, May 19 – 20, 2003, The World Bank, Washington, D.C.
bulletTechnology Policy for Health Care System:  Assessment, Planning, and Acquisition, The Second Joint Meeting of the IEEE-EMBS and BMES, Houston, TX  -  23-26 October 2002
bulletB. Wang, Repair or Replace?  The Hospital CFO's Point of View, ACCE Teleconference, Sept. 19, 2002
bulletAdv. Clinical Engng. Workshop, Guayaquil - Ecuador, Sept. 9-13, 2002
bulletSafety & Performance Inspections
bulletExample of a statewide CE program
bulletQuality Assurance and Voluntary Standards in USA
bulletRepair, Replacement & Retirement Criteria
bulletQuality Management for a Nationwide Fleet of Rental Biomedical Equipment, NYSSRC-SEC, Great Neck, NY 7/18/02
bulletQuality as a tool for Risk Reduction: Example from a service company, AAMI Conf. & Expo 2002, Minneapolis, MN, 6/1-4/2002
bulletHealthTech 2002, Baltimore, MD, 4/21-23/2002
bulletB. Wang & D. Simmons, What ISO 9001:2000 means to remarketers and servicers
bulletJ. Dyro, R. Daken & B. Wang, Clinical Engineering in Emergency Preparedness
bulletTendencies of Technology Management Models, 3rd Symposium of Hospital Technology, 3/22/2002, São Paulo, Brazil  (via televideoconference)
bulletISO 9000 as an alternative to FDA regulation for medical equipment servicers and remarketers, Int'l Conf. on ISO 9000, Las Vegas, 2/25-27/2002 (see Abstracts)
bulletSAFHE & CEASA National Biennial Conference & Exhibition, Sun City, So. Africa, 10/3-5/2001:
bulletFirst and Third World Clinical Engineering (keynote speech)
bulletStrategic Planning for Clinical Engineering Departments
bulletAdv. Clinical Engng. Workshop for Portuguese-speaking countries, Sao Paulo, Brazil, June/4-6/2001:
bulletStrategic Planning for Health Equipment 
bulletFinancial Management of Service Support
bulletAccreditation, Quality Standards, and QA Program for Equipment
bulletPreventive Maintenance: Criteria for Inclusion of Equipment and Frequency Determination
bulletAdv. Clinical Engng. Workshop, Kathmandu, Nepal, 4/9-13/2001:
bulletHealth Equipment Policy for Sao Paulo, Brazil
bulletStrategic Planning for Health Equipment 
bulletHealth Technology Assessment
bulletPlanning, Selection & Procurement of Health Equipment
bulletThe future of Clinical & Biomedical Engineering Profession (keynote address), Virginia Biomedical Assoc. Annual Meeting, Sept. 2000
bulletHealthTech 2000, Dallas, TX, 4/30-5/3/2000
bulletHow Can Clinical Engineering Help Further Reduce Medical Errors? 
bulletJCAHO EC Standards: Interpretation Challenges & Improvements Needed  
bulletWorld Congr Med Phy Biomed Eng, Chicago, IL, 7/22-28/2000 
bulletQuality Management for a Nationwide Rental Fleet
bulletAn Improved Method for Including Equipment in the Technology Management Program and Determining its Inspection Frequency 
bulletEquipment Donation Guidelines,  Adv. Clinical Engng. Workshop for participants from Eastern Europe and Latin America, Am. College of Clinical Engng., Chicago, IL.  7/22/00
bulletThe use of technology in nursing, 7th Nursing Technology Conference, São Paulo, Brazil.  April 4-7, 2000.
bulletManagement Aspects of Hospital Technology Incorporation:  Management Strategies (via televideoconference), 1st Symposium of Hospital Technology for Clinicians, São Paulo, Brazil, June 26, 2000.
bulletAdv. Health Techn. Mgmt Workshop, Cape Town, South Africa, 11/8-12/1999
bulletBudgeting and Financial Reporting
bulletQuality Assurance and Improvement 
bulletTechnology Mgmt Policy for Sao Paulo State Brazil 
bulletNuevas Técnicas de Gestión del Manten. Hosp., Lima, Peru, 5/27-28/99 
bulletMaintenance Quality Assurance: Example from a Rental Company
bulletRegulation of Medical Devices by FDA
bulletFDA's Proposed Regulation of Servicers: The Sequel, HealthTech '99, Baltimore, MD, 4/26/99 
bulletCD-Rom: Perspective from a Nationwide Rental Company, AAMI 1998 Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, 6/2/98 
bulletFDA's Proposed Regulation of Servicers, HealthTech '98, Nashville, TN, 5/6/98 
bulletInt'l Health Techn. Forum, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 11/3/97 
bulletElectromagnetic Interference on Medical Devices,
bulletRegulation of Medical Devices by FDA 
bulletAAMI 32nd Annual Meeting, Washington, DC, 6/7-10/1997  
bulletB. Patel, B. Wang & E.B. Sloane, Monitoring Product Performance Reports (PPR) to Improve Rental Equipment Quality
bulletB. Wang & E.B. Sloane, Management of a Nationwide Rental Fleet 
bulletQuality Assurance for a National Rental Fleet, Adv. CE Workshop, Washington, DC, 6/6/97 
bulletE.B. Sloane & B. Wang (co-chairs), Migration of technology from health care institutions to home care settings, AAMI 31st Annual Meet & Expo, 6/1-5, Philadelphia, PA 1996
bulletB. Wang, Advance Clinical Engineering Workshop, Orbis International/ACCE (several modules), Beijing, China, Nov. 1995 (picture)
bulletAAMI 30th Ann. Meet., 1995
bulletE.B. Sloane & B. Wang, Technology migration from the hospital - Perspectives from an equipment rental company
bulletE.B. Sloane & B. Wang, Increasing the awareness of liability issues in the subacute care facility
bulletB. Wang, Equipment acquisition, and life-cycle maintenance and costing, Proc. 10th National Conf. Medical Technology Management, ASHE, Atlanta, Georgia, 1994, pp. 304-325
bulletWorld Congr. Med. Phys. Biomed. Engng, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1994
bulletE.J. Netto, J.J. Peterson & B. Wang, Fiber-optic sensor-based instrumentation for gastric pH measurement,  Proc. p. 158
bulletE.B. Sloane, B. Wang & R.L. Morris, Quality assurance program for a large, distributed fleet of medical equipment, Proc. p. 258
bulletB. Wang, C. Toro, E.M. Wassermann, T.A. Zeffiro, R.W. Thatcher & M. Hallett, Integration of electrophysiological data and brain images, Proc. p. 620
bulletE.B. Sloane & B. Wang, Liability issues in home health care, AAMI 29th Ann. Meet., 1994
bulletB. Wang, The impact of Government medical device regulation in healthcare: Perspective of a rental company, Michigan Society for Clinical Engineering (MSCE) Symposium, Feb. 1994 
bulletB. Wang, Equipment planning and selection, AAMI 28th Ann. Meet., 1993
bulletAdv. Clin. Engng Workshop, WHO/PAHO/IFMBE/ACCE, 5/8-6/6/1993, Boston, MA (member of organizing committee and taught several modules)
bulletB. Wang, Maintenance and cost of medical equipment in hospitals, World Congr. Med. Phys. Biomed. Engng., Kyoto, Japan, 1991
bulletAdvanced Clinical Engineering Workshop, PAHO/IFMBE/ACCE, May 15-June 7, Washington, 1991 (member of organizing committee and taught several modules)
bulletB. Wang & C.P. Cândido, A computerized health equipment management system, Proc. VI Conf. Medical Informatics - MEDINFO, Beijing, China, pp.  1172-1175, 1989
bulletV Mediterranean Conf. Med. Biol. Engng.,1989
bulletV.L.S.N. Button & B. Wang, An optical pattern stimulator for evoked potential, Proc.  pp. 182-183,
bulletH.S. Lopes, E.J. Netto & B. Wang, A microprocessor-based phototherapy monitoring station, Proc. pp. 298-299
bulletReunión sobre Sistemas de Información para el Mantenimiento de Equipos Médicos", Pan-American Health Organization (PAHP/WHO), Camaguey, Cuba, 5/6-16/1989
bulletTraining of Clinical Engineers (workshop member), International Certification Commission-World Health Organization, AAMI 24th Annual Meeting, St. Louis, MO, 5/13-17/1989
bulletInterregional Meeting on Manpower Development and Training for Health Care Equipment Management, Maintenance and Repair, WHO/Health Secretariat of Sao Paulo/State Univ. of Campinas, Campinas, Brazil, 1989 (local host)
bulletDatabases for planning and procurement of health equipment, Proc. IEEE-EMBS 10th Ann. Int'l Conf., New Orleans, pp. 1877-1878, 1988
bulletWorld Congr. Medical Phys. & Biomed. Engng, San Antonio, TX, 1988
bulletHealth Equipment Planning and Procurement: Experience from a Developing Country, Proc.  p. 194
bulletClinical Engineering in Brazil, Proc. p. 196
bulletMaintenance and Repair of Health Care Equipment in Brazil, Interregional Meeting on Maintenance and Repair of Health Care Equipment, WHO, Nicosia, Cyprus, 1986
bulletInternational Conference of Medical Device Regulatory Authorities, PAHO/WHO/US-FDA, Washington, DC, USA, 1986 (as the Brazilian representative)

IV Mediterranean Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering, Sevilla - Spain, 1986

Netto, E.J. & Wang, B., A Radiometer for Phototherapy, pp. 708-711


Mühlen, S.S. & Wang, B., A Percutaneous Ultrasonic Lithotriptor,  pp. 705-707


Wang, B. & Bellentani, I.F., Maintenance of Medical Equipment: Experience from a Developing Country, Proc. 9th. International Congress of Hospital Engineering, Barcelona, Espanha, 1986

bulletSeminario Iberoamericano de la Industria de Productos Sanitarios, PAHO/ World Health Organization-WHO/Spanish Government, Madrid, Spain, 1985 (member of Brazilian delegation)
bulletInter-American Conference on Health Technology Assessment, Pan-American Health Organization - PAHO/CNPq, Brasilia, Brazil, 1983
bulletConference on "Appropriate Health Care Technology Transfer to Developing Countries", Project HOPE, Millwood, VA, 1982 (as the Brazilian representative)

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