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Supporting and servicing health technology today is more challenging that ever.  Biomedical/Clinical Engineering professionals are struggling in keeping up with rapid introduction of new technologies, lack of resources, JCAHO PM pressures, and competition from manufacturers and independent service organizations.  This is specially difficult when many physicians and administrators have not yet understood the "iceberg" principle shown below.

Because of the vast experience of its talented consultants, BSI is uniquely positioned to assist technology managers to make the right decision for their particular environment in every part of the technology management life cycle.

technology mgmt life cycle

bulletInstallation & Acceptance
bulletpre-installation requirements
bulletinstallation verification and validation
bulletacceptance testing
bulletnotification to respective OEM, if required
bulletClinical use
bulletuser training/inservice and retraining
bulletclinical protocol
bulletuse error monitoring
bulletservicer training
bulletwarranty management
bulletsafety and performance inspections and preventive maintenance
bulletrevision control
bulletservice options (internal, OEM, third parties)
bulletservice records
bullettest & measurement equipment calibration
bulletservice contract review and supervision
bulletretirement and replacement planning
bulletreplacement criteria
bulletnotification to respective OEM, if required
bulletremarketing or donation
bulletQuality and Risk Management
bulletFDA general controls against misbranding and adulteration
bulletrecall program
bulletdevice tracking program
bulletcomplaints management
bulletsourcing of alternative parts and subassemblies
bulletpatient/user incident investigation
bulletliability insurance
bulletlitigation defense
bulletcompliance to voluntary standards (JCAHO, ISO 9001:2000, etc.)
bulletwith facility management
bulletwith information technology
bulletwith manufacturers, suppliers and third-parties


bulletConfidentialityBSI will sign a confidentiality agreement with the client before starting any consulting work that involves the use of confidential information.  This agreement will protect the client information against unauthorized disclosure (except as required by law).
bulletConflict of Interest.  In order to preserve its clients' interests and confidential information, BSI will sometimes decline to accept certain assignments in order to avoid conflict of interest, protect its own integrity and impartiality.  We hope you understand our stringent policy and accept our apologies in advance.

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