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The litigious nature of our society forces insurance company to not only react to claims but also to prevent losses well before any problem happens.  This is specially true in the area of health technology due to emotional and subjective factors involved in most claims.

BSI consultants have conducted thousands of incident investigations involving medical devices used in hospitals, sub-acute organizations, long-term care institutions, and homecare settings.  Based on this extensive experience, BSI consultants can assist insurance companies in


designing and implementing loss prevention programs in healthcare organizations


evaluate the extend of loss and potential adjustment costs


defending its client in support of the designated attorneys

Examples of medical devices and equipment analyzed by BSI consultants due to patient incidents, procurement evaluations, service optimization, etc. include the following:

bulletLife support technologies: ventilators, defibrillators, apnea monitors, resuscitators, etc.
bulletTherapeutic technologies: infusion pumps, sequential compression, continuous passive motion, oxygen concentrator, ultrasound, hyper/hypothermia, pressure ulcer, pain management, etc.
bulletDiagnostic/monitoring technologies: monitors, ECG, EEG, evoked potentials, telemetry, ophthalmology, otology, pulse oximetry, etc.
bulletImaging technologies: radiology, CT, MRI, PET, mobile X-ray, ultrasound, etc.
bulletSurgical technologies: ESU, laser, extracorporeal bypass, anesthesia machine, suction pumps, etc.
bulletNeonatal care technologies: infant incubator, warmer, apnea monitors, infant ventilators, etc.
bulletSpecialized technologies: bariatric patient care, ophthalmology, otology, orthopedics, sub-acute and homecare devices


bulletConfidentialityBSI will sign a confidentiality agreement with the client before starting any consulting work that involves the use of confidential information.  This agreement will protect the client information against unauthorized disclosure (except as required by law).
bulletConflict of Interest.  In order to preserve its clients' interests and confidential information, BSI will sometimes decline to accept certain assignments in order to avoid conflict of interest, protect its own integrity and impartiality.  We hope you understand our stringent policy and accept our apologies in advance.

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