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Regulations and standards are designed to allow many companies to produce goods and services with acceptable quality and encourage the producers to improve continuously.  Actually, regulations and standards only really manage to ensure consistency (through written policies and procedures, and training staff to follow them).  Regulatory authorities and standards registrars lack resources to perform rigorous post-market surveillance and post-registration survey, so the quality quest really depends on the top management of each company.  The figure below by Joe Tsiakals (ISO 9000:2000 Transition Course, European Quality Institute) illustrates well this concept.

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How do you define quality?, 24x7 magazine, Dec 2002 Quality as a tool for Risk Reduction: Example from a service company, AAMI Conf. & Expo 2002, Minneapolis, MN, 6/1-4/2002
Quality Management for a Nationwide Fleet of Rental Biomedical Equipment, NYSSRC-SEC, Great Neck, NY 7/18/02B. Wang & D. Simmons, What ISO 9001:2000 means to remarketers and servicers, HealthTech 2002, Baltimore, MD, 4/21-23/2002

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